Grappa di Chianti Classico

from Rocca delle Macìe marcs

Grape varietals
Da Vinacce di Rubizzo (mostly Sangiovese)

Production Technique
Grappa di Rubizzo is made from the pomace that results from the fermentation of Rocca delle Macìe’s Rubizzo wine. Immediately after being extracted, the marcs are transported to the Bonollo artisanal distillery in Greve in Chianti to undergo soft pressing. The distillation process is performed the following day in a copper pot still, allowing the grappa to become imbued with the genuine arietal aromas and perfumes of the pomace.

Color: crystalline and clear.
Bouquet: intense and clean with pleasant winy aromas.
Taste: warm, with good structure and a long lasting finish.

Winemaker’s Recommendation
Serve in small tulip shape crystal glasses at a temperature of 10/12 °C.
Great at the end of a meal served as digestive.
ABV: 42%

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